Dare to Dream Again:
5-Day Challenge

You ARE Papa God’s dream. Papa God had a dream and He wrapped your body around it.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”


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About 5-Day Challenge

The Dare to Dream Again is a FREE event where participants journey together to overcome their dream killers and move towards their God-given destiny.


This 5-Day Challenge is based on the Blueprint for Kingdom Identity Masterclass and provides a sneak peek into the 12-week journey that begins on January 31st 2022.

Here's what others are saying...

Riza Mason

“Truly I would say that this masterclass has changed the trajectory of my spiritual life and walk with the Lord in this time. I have been a Christian for a while now, and I never realized that I had a missing link with my walk with God because I have this identity crisis as an orphan. I had this constant struggle and battle with the Father’s approval and attention. So, sitting every week with the coaches, I can truly say that I am reborn, renewed, re-fired, transformed, and now starting to walk in maturity and breakthrough in the kingdom as a daughter of God.”

William Collins

“To be honest, this course is so much more than I thought it would be. For me the flow is awesome. I really look forward to starting on Monday with a new topic of focus and a whole new series of teaching. I love the interview that Kayleigh does with Papa Leif. That really pulls out a lot of good revelation which is clearly deep inside of the man. Then come Wednesday, I am ready for the coaching call and my favorite part, the breakout sessions! I have been able to make each coaching call as I wanted to be on that live and not just watch the recording. For me that experience has been priceless.”

Christy Rainer

“I didn’t even know what to expect coming into this class. It really just felt like the Lord said to do it, and I was kind of reluctant because I have a major father issue, I didn't have a dad growing up. I was okay with not relating to God as the Father but the first thing that happened was He showed me that I really wanted one. Even that was such a huge breakthrough for me. And then now knowing that I have one and that He loves me has been monumental. I hope and pray that this is part of my life’s message as I go forward.”

Verna Fischer

“It is pretty easy for me to acknowledge everything I have (think material possessions/money) comes from Him. However, God showed me not only my material possessions but all the gifts, talents and abilities are also resident in me to be shared as he directs. I tend to think of these things as MINE / ME and while I say everything I have is His from a heart perspective I do not live that way. This is something God is still working on me. I am growing in awareness of His deep and profound love and acceptance of ME and this is changing me in deep and profound ways. I am excited to be on this journey trusting in Him to lead, guide and direct me.”

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Dare to Dream Again

Dare to Dream Again

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On January 31st 2021, we are going on a 12-week journey uncovering your God-given identity, experiencing the Father's love, and seeing yourself the way Papa God sees you.

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