Blueprint For Kingdom Identity

Masterclass: Discovering Your Identity 

Masterclass designed to give you the tools to discover 'The True You'

The current intake is underway but you can register and save your spot for the next intake in January 2023.

On January 30, 2023, we will again embark on another installment of Blueprint for Kingdom Identity Masterclass. Together we will uncover your God-given identity, experience the Father's love, and see yourself the way God sees you.

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Blueprint For Kingdom Identity Masterclass: Discovering Your Identity

Learn how to live in the fullness of everything that God has for you by exploring fundamental questions that will guide you into a deeper understanding of who you are.

• Have you experienced spiritual identity theft?

• Do you want powerful keys to break out and be free?

Then the Blueprint for Kingdom Identity Masterclass is for YOU! 

Break free from fear into a life of freedom by discovering the whole and authentic you. 


- Leif Hetland

Discover Kingdom Keys 

As a student, you will have access to:

  • 12+ Chapters of video content
  • 12+ Activation activities
  • Weekly breakout sessions with Alumni and your cohorts
  • 5 Special Q&A sessions with Leif Hetland and Paul Yadao
  • Access to a Facebook community with people on a similar journey
  • Access to a Kingdom family network

Experience breakthrough as you discover your kingdom identity and are launched into your destiny!

Break free from fear into a life of freedom by discovering the whole and authentic you. 


- Leif Hetland

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Become the person you were created to be by discovering the true you.

Learn how to live in the fullness of everything that God has for you by exploring four fundamental questions that will guide you into a deeper understanding of who you are.

Register today and pay only $200. A $50 Discount

Video replays will be made available for those who are unable to attend live.

Discover Your God-Given Potential


Who has God called you to be?

Identity describes who you are in totality. This is the real truth about who you are that sets you free. You are who God says you are. You are made in God’s image, therefore your identity brings glory to God.

Together, we’ll go on a journey to discover your true identity in Christ. We’ll take a deep dive into questions like:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Where are you and where did you come from?
  3. What do you have?
  4. What are you called to do?


What is your story?

Redemption can be described as an action that means “buying back.” It is used theologically to indicate reconciliation and liberation through Christ from forms of bondage. Your redemptive history is your story of salvation.

Together, we will journey through your past to gain vision for your present and future. We’ll take a deep dive into questions like:

  1. Where have you been and where are you going?
  2. Who has God called you to be?
  3. Who has God called you to do it with?


What is your unique purpose?

God has created you as a unique masterpiece because He has a specific purpose for your life. He has called you to be a difference maker and world-changer for His glory.

Together, we will discover your passion and clarify your calling so that you are launched into purposeful living. We’ll take a deep dive into questions like:

  1. What are you passionate about?
  2. What is your current skill set?
  3. Where has God called you to be?

Class Schedule

  • February 1st

    Live Orientation with Leif Hetland & Paul Yadao 
  •  February 8th 

    Break out session
  • February 15th

    Break out session 
  • February 22nd

    Live Q&A with Leif Hetland and Paul Yadao
  • March 1st

    Break out session
  •  March 8th 

    Break out session
  • March 15th

    Live Q&A with Leif Hetland and Paul Yadao 
  • March 22nd

    Break out session
  • March 29th

    Break out session
  •  April 5th 

    Live Q&A with Leif Hetland and Paul Yadao
  • April 12th

    Break out session
  • April 19th

    Live Impartation with Leif Hetland and Paul Yadao 

Sneak Peak : The Experience


On this journey, you will get LIVE, transformational kingdom-life training and intensive course on a weekly basis. This Masterclass is scheduled to begin on January 30, 2023.

Register today and save $50. 

Video replays will be made available for those who are unable to attend the live coaching sessions.


Leif Hetland is the Founder and President of Global Mission Awareness, a forerunner in modern-day missions, and an Ambassador of Love to the nations. He has authored more than 15 books and is a sought-after speaker. Leif is inviting you on a journey to discover who God has created you to be.

Speaker Line Up

Paul Yadao

Senior Pastor of Destiny Ministries International 

Senior Pastor of Destiny Ministries International. Married to Ahlmira who co-lead the movement for more than 25yrs. They have two children David Roi and Ana Sophia. The DMI started as a radical student movement in the early 90’s at the University of the Philippines in Los Banos, Laguna. It was a revival that swept throughout the campus bringing deep conviction, fear of the Lord and transformation of live with accompanying signs and wonders and miracles. In May 2006 he and his wife Ahlmira received a powerful impartation from Leif Hetland and since then walked in a covenantal relationship with him and Jennifer as a spiritual son and daughter. Paul is passionate in imparting the message of the Father’s Love, Kingdom Identity, Family Culture and Sonship. He’s got a huge heart for the nations and has been blessing nations in Southeast Asia, Asia, Africa, USA and Europe. He has written a couple of books: The Mark, and co-authored Soaking in His Presence and The Ultimate Transformation. He loves training and equipping leaders, facilitating people to divine encounters and life coaching.

Verge Ascabano

Pastor, Worship leader, Songwriter and Creator of the Fearless Worshiper Masterclass

Verge Ascabano is a pastor, worship leader, songwriter and creator of the Fearless Worshiper Masterclass. He loves to train and equip church leaders to maximize their full potential and become world changers. He carries such an anointing of the Holy Spirit that is very evident every time he leads in worship. He is pastoring a local church of Destiny Ministries International in Laguna, Philippines where he is currently residing with his wife and two kids.

Kayleigh Dahman

Executive Administrator at Global Mission Awareness

Kayleigh Dahman is the Executive Administrator at Global Mission Awareness. She is passionate about building the Kingdom of God and has traveled the world in pursuit of spreading the love of Jesus. She is currently pursuing both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic from Georgia State University. In the past decade, Kayleigh has served in many positions, including a local church children’s pastor, an after-school teacher, summer camp counselor, and a Sous Chef at a local Italian restaurant. In her free time, you can find Kayleigh pursuing an adventure like hiking in the north Georgia mountains, discovering a new local coffee shop, or reading several books at the same time.

Testimonies from Previous Masterclass

Riza Mason

“Truly I would say that this masterclass has changed the trajectory of my spiritual life and walk with the Lord in this time. I have been a Christian for a while now, and I never realized that I had a missing link with my walk with God because I have this identity crisis as an orphan. I had this constant struggle and battle with the Father’s approval and attention. So, sitting every week with the coaches, I can truly say that I am reborn, renewed, re-fired, transformed, and now starting to walk in maturity and breakthrough in the kingdom as a daughter of God.”

William Collins

“To be honest, this course is so much more than I thought it would be. For me the flow is awesome. I really look forward to starting on Monday with a new topic of focus and a whole new series of teaching. I love the interview that Kayleigh does with Papa Leif. That really pulls out a lot of good revelation which is clearly deep inside of the man. Then come Wednesday, I am ready for the coaching call and my favorite part, the breakout sessions! I have been able to make each coaching call as I wanted to be on that live and not just watch the recording. For me that experience has been priceless.”

Christy Rainer

“I didn’t even know what to expect coming into this class. It really just felt like the Lord said to do it, and I was kind of reluctant because I have a major father issue, I didn't have a dad growing up. I was okay with not relating to God as the Father but the first thing that happened was He showed me that I really wanted one. Even that was such a huge breakthrough for me. And then now knowing that I have one and that He loves me has been monumental. I hope and pray that this is part of my life’s message as I go forward.”

Verna Fischer

“It is pretty easy for me to acknowledge everything I have (think material possessions/money) comes from Him. However, God showed me not only my material possessions but all the gifts, talents and abilities are also resident in me to be shared as he directs. I tend to think of these things as MINE / ME and while I say everything I have is His from a heart perspective I do not live that way. This is something God is still working on me. I am growing in awareness of His deep and profound love and acceptance of ME and this is changing me in deep and profound ways. I am excited to be on this journey trusting in Him to lead, guide and direct me.”


I want to personally invite you to this 12 Week LIVE journey starting on January 30, 2023. This is a transformative experience where you get to discover a step-by-step roadmap to a life of breakthrough and freedom.

For the past five years, I have been preparing to take people on a journey into discovering who they are and whose they are. I believe that the orphan spirit is in the root of much of the chaos, division, and destruction in the world. It separates us from our true identities as sons and daughters and holds us back from operating as co-heirs with Christ.

Until we see ourselves the way God sees us, we cannot have the proper perspective, and without the proper perspective, you cannot have a vision for the future. Knowing how you see God, how God sees you, how you see the world, and how you see the future are vital to becoming a difference maker and world-changer.

There is an upgrade in health, wealth, and wisdom available that only comes from living out your authentic identity.

In this masterclass, my coaches and I will take you on a journey to discovering all that God has created you to be. We will help you live from God’s fullness because when you know who you are, whose you are, and what you have, you are empowered to live from Heaven to Earth.” 

My desire is to train 400 ambassadors of love -- sons and daughters of God living in freedom -- who will become agents of transformation across different nations all over the world.

Will you sign up and be one of the ambassadors of love?


Much love,

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You will get:

  • 12+ Video Lessons from Leif Hetland
  • Weekly Breakout Sessions with Alumni and cohorts
  • 5 Special Live Q&A Sessions with your coaches
  • 12+ activation exercises and many special bonuses
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