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Developing a Lifestyle of Receiving, Becoming & Releasing God's Love

Join Leif Hetland, Founder of Global Mission Awareness, on this exploration & impartation of an upgrade in love!

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What People Are Saying:

Love always looks like something as we demonstrate the love of Jesus with actions, not just words. As we encounter His love, it stretches us and it compels us to respond to the world around us in a radical way. I am honored to add my voice to Upgrade in Love with Leif Hetland as you journey towards the fullness of love in Jesus and become fully surrendered to love.

Heidi Baker, PhD, Iris Global

Upgrade in Love is a divine resource given to my friend Leif Hetland to awaken a generation living love as a lifestyle. This journey will immerse you in the Father’s love and equip you to influence those around you with the love of the Father. I encourage you to be a part of this community to change and enrich your life.

David Wagner, Father's Heart Ministries

The course truly is a God-given strategy to equip people in a lifestyle of love. You are invited into intimate heart-to-heart conversations with leaders who are impacting the world for God. This practical wisdom and advice is a real gift to the body of Christ.

Katherine Ruonala, Glory City Church, Australia