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Developing a Lifestyle of Receiving, Becoming & Releasing God's Power

Join Leif Hetland, Founder of Global Mission Awareness, on this exploration & impartation of an upgrade in power!

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What People Are Saying:

God doesn't anoint you when you are trying to be someone else. God anoints the authentic self!

Jeff Yuen

When Jesus rebuked the storm the bible tells that he spoke peace to the waves. He was able to release peace to the storm because he had peace on the inside. You can have authority over any storm that you can sleep in. The reality is that you can only release peace on the outside when you have peace on the inside.

Bill Johnson

We grow in the gifts by practicing and receiving feedback and not being afraid to miss. Don't be afraid of being wrong! Sometimes the times when you are unsure and nervous can be the times that you give a word that brings an amazing healing!

Randy Clark